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Leather furniture makes a strong statement in your home or office. It radiates a sense of sophistication and luxury. It takes the style of your space up to the next level.

However, leather needs regular professional cleaning treatments to keep it looking its best and completely moisturized. Many pollutants and just daily use and wear and tear threaten the overall foundation and look of your leather furniture.

At Chicago Carpet, we perform a complete and professional leather cleaning service that cleans your leather and leaves it looking shiny and feeling supply. With over ten years of experience in the industry, we promise to deliver an effective and complete clean every time.

Professional Clean, Top Quality Care

When you choose us for a professional cleaning service of your leather, you receive top quality service, lasting results, and knowledgeable help from start to finish. We employ only certified and highly skilled technicians to work with your leather. They listen to all your needs and treat your leather with the utmost care and respect.

Our professional service starts by identifying the messes and prescribing the best clean for your leather type and its needs. We then go to work removing all dirt and other loose soil from the surface of your piece, as well as the dry messes trapped in the folds and crevices.

Using our specialized green cleaning products, we professionally and carefully clean your entire leather piece. Our non-toxic, bio-degradable green cleaning products use ingredients found only in nature. The products remove dirt, dust, and allergens, fight tough set-in stains, and kill germs without over drying your leather. 

We finish the cleaning process by massaging moisture-rich products into your leather. This deeply penetrates the layers of your furniture to prevent cracking and weathering and leaves you with a supply feel and shiny look. 

For the best in professional leather cleaning service in Chicago, call your local expert team at Chicago Carpet. 

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Gayle Jefferson, Elmhurst

When our cats met our fine vintage rugs, I thought it was the end of the rugs for good. But, you guys completely repaired and cleaned away all of the damage and problems. Believe it or not, I think they look better than ever now.