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Professional Stain & Odor Elimination 

Some tough, unpleasant stains from pets, kids, or normal home traffic create strong, offensive odors that waft through your space creating an unappealing, unkempt, and embarrassing environment. Tough odors normally come from bacteria and stains lurking in your carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture.

At Chicago Carpet, we remove the tough stains and odors from all the floor coverings and furniture in your home with our complete and professional deodorizing treatment. Our treatment breaks down the stains and odors at the source and removes the lingering unpleasant odors and unsightly stains from your space.

Quality Service & Complete Care

At Chicago Carpet, we created a deodorizing treatment suitable for all types of carpets, rugs, and furniture in both residential and commercial spaces. We proudly serve all our Chicago neighbors living throughout the city and suburbs.

Our service comes with the experience, knowledge, and skill of our certified technicians. They work diligently and pay close attention to all details in order to deliver high quality service and results from start to finish. They treat both you and your space with the care and respect they deserve.

Successful Process for Best Results

Our professional service gives you a successful clean by using a powerful and professional process of deep extractions and complete saturation. We start with the process with our powerful vacuums that reach deep in the fibers to remove all loose and trapped odor-causing soils, dirt and allergens. 

We then saturate the area with hot water and odor-fighting cleaning products that penetrate the mess, neutralize odors, and wash away all bacteria and stains completely. We repeat these steps until we totally eliminate the odors and stains. 

We finish the entire process with an all natural, fruit based deodorizer that leaves the space fresh for days.

Let the local experts at Chicago Carpet give you a complete and professional deodorizing treatment for your space. We leave you with a deep clean and lasting freshness that you'll love.

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Jason Siggler, North Lawndale

I saved so much money by going with you guys. Not only that'my carpets and couches are so clean. I haven't seen them this clean since they were brand new. I almost can't believe it.