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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Quality Care for your Precious Piece

All luxury items require regular cleaning and maintenance treatment, including Oriental rugs, to keep them looking their best and increase their overall lifespan. Oriental rugs, however, because of their delicate and valuable nature, need the care of experienced and well trained professionals. 

Like all items, over time, Oriental rugs collect dirt, dust, allergens, stains, and germs from everyday exposure and use. At Chicago Carpet, we perform a complete and expert Oriental rug cleaning service that clears the threatening messes away and helps lengthen the life of your rug. With a professional cleaning service from us, we restore the original beauty and glory of your rug. 

We Love Your Rug 

At Chicago Carpet, we consider ourselves Oriental rug specialists. We understand their monetary and sentimental value and admire their beautiful details, colors, and fabrics. We cherish the stories they tell about cultures, places, and people.

When you choose us for your cleaning treatment, we treat your rug with the utmost care and respect. We pay close attention to all details and work diligently to deliver you with the best possible clean without causing harm or damage to your piece.

Quality, Proven Process

Our professional service takes place at our off-premise cleaning facility where we create the perfect environment for cleaning your piece. At our facility, we equip our cleaning experts with the best available machines, tools, materials, and cleaning products. 

Our service starts by removing all loose dirt, dust, allergens, and soil from all over your rug. From this process, we soak your rug in a pre treating conditioner that breaks down stains and other messes while coating your rug with protective minerals.

We then clean your rug using non-toxic, bio degradable green cleaning products and a constant stream of fresh water. Our products wash away all dirt, stains, and other messes using all natural ingredients that don't compromise on high quality clean results.

So when you need a quality clean for your Oriental rug, call the local experts at Chicago Carpet for a professional Oriental rug cleaning service.

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Gayle Jefferson, Elmhurst

When our cats met our fine vintage rugs, I thought it was the end of the rugs for good. But, you guys completely repaired and cleaned away all of the damage and problems. Believe it or not, I think they look better than ever now.