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Stain Removal Experts

Although regular carpet and upholstery cleaning are part of a clean and beautiful home, sometimes extra care is needed for removing especially tough stains or spots. At Chicago Carpet Cleaning, our team of expert cleaners knows just how to best help you take care of problem areas in your carpeting and upholstery.

Chicago Carpet Cleaning technicians will come to your home and determine the best method of treatment for your problem areas; whether it's dry, wet or deep cleaning we do it all.

Pet Stain and Odors

While our pets can brighten our days, occasional accidents can harm our carpets and upholstery.

Chicago Carpet Cleaning's team of carpet cleaning technicians will come to your home and determine the extent of the damage to your carpet and upholstery, and then work with you to create a plan of action.

At Chicago Carpet Cleaning we don't just clean the surface, but we go deeper to sanitize and deodorize problem areas. With Chicago Carpet Cleaning, you can keep your pet indoors without unsightly reminders of unfortunate accidents.

Protect Your Home

Chicago Carpet Cleaning is always here to help you remove tough stains and spots from your carpets and upholstery, but what if your carpet was never stained to begin with? Take advantage of our stain repelling scotchguard and forget the days of difficult stain removal forever!



A liquid spilled on a scotchguarded surface is easily blotted up, and less likely to leave even the smallest mark behind. Even vacuuming is easier and more affective on a scotchguarded surface, since dust and dirt never work their way past the surface!

The best time to scotchguard your surfaces is when they are clean, so when Chicago Carpet Cleaning's technicians are at your home, be sure to tell them that you want your carpet protected with Scotchguard!

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Allen Sandler, Berwyn

When I inherited my grandpa's antique rug, I was nervous about the cleaning process, but after you return my rug, the high qualities results put an end to my worries.