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Be Done with bugs & Mites!

a lot of effort goes into making our homes beautiful and clean, and we rarely let a visible space or a surface go uncleaned for a long period of time.

But what the places we can't see, but can still harm us?

Dust Mites are microscopic creatures that inhabit inside your mattresses, blankets, pillows, sofas, and carpets. They thrive and breed in warm, moist conditions and can at last number in the millions. Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye but you see their effects everywhere.

Sick for No Apparent Reason?

Have you at times waking up sneezing, with itchy red eyes, sinus pain, or other unexplained ailments ?

These are all just some of the typical symptoms dust mites can cause. Dust Mites feed on the dead skin cells that human beings shed everyday, and they leave behind their excrement which is the cause of many allergy-like symptoms.

Can a Simple Clean do it?

A simple vacuuming will do nothing to get rid of these tiny pests. Hygiene and allergy problems can only be solved by eradicating the cause.

Don't despair, Chicago Carpet Cleaners has developed a natural, organic, chemical-free process that effectively destroys dust mites, bacteria, spores, allergens, dust, and decaying skin cells. Anti-Bacterial Solution

Our Process

We first loosen particles of dirt, dust and excrement embedded within your mattress with high frequency waves. The waste is then removed with a special high powered vacuum specifically designed to trap 99.97 percent of everything it collects. The mattress is then sterilized with a chemical free disinfectant.

This process kills all viruses, spores and bacteria within the mattress. Afterward, we apply an all natural, hygienic mattress spray which is anti-bacterial and an insect repellent.

It's Time to Clean The Bed, today.

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Jason Siggler, North Lawndale

I saved so much money by going with you guys. Not only that'my carpets and couches are so clean. I haven't seen them this clean since they were brand new. I almost can't believe it.