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Scotchguard Protector -
Save and Protect!

Like most people, you probably would prefer to be comfortable in your home, around your living room, siting on the sofa, or enjoying a glass of wine while laying on the the soft carpet. you don't want to be bothered all the time for spills and stains.

this is where the Scotchguard Protector comes in handy.

With professionally applied Scotchguard protector you can continue your everyday life, without worrying about spots, stains or wear & tear.

Spill-Safe & Stain-Free

The benefits of scotchguard - when professionally applied - are multiple and long lasting. Here are the main ones:

  • No More Stains: Scotchguard has a moisture resistant protective layer that covers every fiber of your carpet and upholstery, keeping all spills on the surface - that way preventing the creation of a stain.
  • Long Lasting Cleanliness: Scotchguard prevents dirt from sticking to the fibers in the fabric, helping your carpet and upholstery to stay cleaner for longer time.
  • Your Carpet Will Last Longer: The invisible barrier protects your carpet from everyday wear and tear, caused by traffic on the carpet and dirt that accumulates between its fibers.
  • Improves Vacuuming: Repelling dirt and residue, Scotchguard makes vacuuming faster, easier and more effective.
  • Scotchguard is Safe for children and pets, and can be applied on carpets and upholstery all over your house.

So when Chicago Carpet Cleaners professional technician arrives, don't forget to ask him about Scotchguard protection!

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Gayle Jefferson, Elmhurst

When our cats met our fine vintage rugs, I thought it was the end of the rugs for good. But, you guys completely repaired and cleaned away all of the damage and problems. Believe it or not, I think they look better than ever now.