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Organic Cleaning

Organic Cleaning Works

Just because we trade chemical-based products out for non-toxic, certified green cleaning products and higher efficiency machines, does not mean we deliver lower quality and less effective results. On the contrary, our organic cleaning service gives you a deep, effective, and healthy clean for your entire space. 

Organic Carpet Cleaning 

We use eco-friendly, green cleaning products to fight off the tough stains, dirt, germ, and odors in your carpets. Our organic process works deep into the fibers of your carpet and leaves your with a healthy and long-lasting clean. 

Organic Rug Cleaning

Rugs require a simple, non-invasive clean to get the best results. Our organic cleaning process provides the right clean you need using only three simple ingredients, water, baking soda, and certified green cleaning rug shampoo. It removes the tough stains, pollutants, and germs completely.

Organic Upholstery Cleaning 

We provide an effective, deep clean for all types and styles of upholstery on your furniture. We remove the stains, dirt, and other messes by sponging on water and eco-friendly green cleaning products. This provides long lasting clean results. 

Organic Water Damage Repairs

We get to work quickly cleaning your space after a water emergency with our certified green cleaning products. These products sanitize and disinfect your affected area. Our organic cleaning process removes messes and stains completely and restores the look and health of your space.

Organic Commercial Cleaning

Organic cleaning offers the professional and effective clean you need for your space. We use a combination of hot water and non-toxic cleaning products to remove the industrial stains, messes, and odors completely.

Results Speak for Themselves

Professional organic cleaning services from our team give you long lasting results for your entire space. Enjoy a stain and mess free space without the harsh chemical leftovers of traditional cleaners and processes.

Let Chicago Carpet give you an effective and long lasting organic cleaning service. Call now to schedule your free home cleaning test. 

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Allen Sandler, Berwyn

When I inherited my grandpa's antique rug, I was nervous about the cleaning process, but after you return my rug, the high qualities results put an end to my worries.